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We specialize in repairs for Zebra, Printronix, Datamax, and other major brand thermal printers:

Zebra, Printronix, Datamax thermal printer logo
Bar code label thermal printers break down over time just like any machine. Our expert technicians can get you up and running and verify that the print quality is what you need it to be.

•  Zebra Technologies Corporation
     S-series printers: 105, 105S, 105Se, 105SL
     Xi-series printers: 110, 140, 170, 220
     Z-series printers: Z4M, Z4M Plus, ZM400
     Stripe Printers:  S400, S600, S4M

• Datamax-ONeil
E-Class Mark III

•  Printronix

     T5000, T5000e, T5000r, T5000r-ES

Located in the city of Commerce, CA, we service Thermal Label Printers in the Los Angeles and Orange country areas. This includes Zebra, Printronix, Datamax Oneil, and other thermal printers. Fill out our form at the 'Contact Us' page and let us know what the problem is or if you want an inspection service of your thermal printers and we will get your equipment up and running to its fullest potential.

Our five point inspection will determine if your thermal transfer printer will need service

  1. Print quality test.
  2. Inspection of Rollers
  3. Inspection of Belts/ Gears (If needed)
  4. Sensors Report (If supported)
  5. Barcode quality check

Protect Your Label Print Quality!
Use the 'Contact Us' page to request an evaluation of your thermal printers.
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